At Artisana Bread, we proudly use only the finest ingredients. We prepare some dough days in advance in order to develop outstanding tastes and textures


What is an artisan?  And why choose Artisana Bread?

​     An artisan is a craftsperson who has worked hard to perfect their craft.  When baking, an artisan

produces bread and other baked goods using traditional techniques.  This is in contrast to commercial bread-baking that uses automation with lots of yeast and dough conditioners to make large quantities in a hurry.  It's easy, for example, to tell the difference between a baguette made by large commercial bakeries and one produced by a small batch artisan baker.  The commercial bakery baguette will have a soft crust and white, cottony interior.  It will have very little actual "wheaty" taste.  Artisana Bread's baguettes are crusty with a creamy, holey interior. We challenge you to find a better tasting baguette anywhere in town.

     At Artisana Bread, we use traditional techniques such as low leaven and long fermentation, and we pay special attention to high quality ingredients and processes.  Our breads contain flour, water, salt and yeast.  Our croissants and danishes contain only butter, never margarine or oil, and you will definitely notice the difference.  Come by and give our products a try, you won't regret it!

About Artisana LLC

Artisana is a small-batch bakery, which produces rustic, European-style artisanal breads, the result of years of practice and perfection.  We serve the discerning palates of individuals and restaurateurs alike.  If you have been searching for the depth of flavor and the unique textures of breads found in France and Italy, you have found them at Artisana.

We offer a variety of breads…