Houston Dairymaids

OTG - high-end dining at George Bush International Airport.  OTG collaborates with some of Houston's well-known chefs to create superior dining experiences.  The concepts Artisana Bread currently supplies are BamBam (Cajun-Vietnamese fusion), Olio (panini), Q (BBQ), Vida (taqueria), World Bean (coffee), World Nectar (smoothies) and Cibo at gate E18 (snacks)

Ploughman's Grill - our near neighbors, serving exceptional food to the Garden Oaks/Oak Forest neighborhoods

Country Smokin' Burgers

​​Some of our current partnerships:


Artisana Bread serves the discerning palates of restaurateurs with confidence.  It we aren't currently making the bread you need, we would be happy to work with you to develop high-quality products for your guests.  Please email artisana@artisanabread.com, or call the bakery at 832.940.2129