Some of our current partnerships:



Artisana Bread serves the discerning palates of restaurateurs with confidence.  It we aren't currently making the bread you need, we would be happy to work with you to develop high-quality products for your guests.  Please email, or call the bakery at 832.940.2129

BGOOD - local, fresh, seasonal.  In Spring, Texas

Houston Dairymaids

OTG - high-end dining at George Bush International Airport.  OTG collaborates with some of Houston's well-known chefs to create superior dining experiences.  The concepts Artisana Bread currently supplies are BamBam (Cajun-Vietnamese fusion), Ember (steakhouse), H-Burger (yeah H-Town burgers!), Olio (panini), Pala, Q (BBQ), Tanglewood (grill), Vida (taqueria), World Bean (coffee), World Nectar (smoothies) and Cibo at gate E18 (snacks)

Ploughman's Grill - our near neighbors, serving exceptional food to the Garden Oaks/Oak Forest neighborhoods

Verdene - look for the new brick and mortar restaurant on 19th and Nicholson. Be sure to check out Verdene's food truck at the Urban Harvest Eastside market, where Artisana Bread's sunflower flaxseed sourdough bread makes up the base of their fantastic avocado toast