Our methods...

Artisana Bread is a small batch artisan bakery, doing things the old-fashioned way. We believe in organic flours and long, slow, cold fermentation times to produce breads that are easier to digest and delicious. We do not believe in using preservatives and shelf-life extenders. Our focus is primarily on organic sourdoughs using ancient wheats, like Kamut and einkorn, and ancient grains like spelt, a close relative of wheat that has a deeply wheaty flavor. We use modern organic wheats, too, like Rouge de Bordeaux and sprouted whole wheat flour. None of our flours are GMO, none are bleached or bromated, and all of our bread and pastry flours are organic.

We don't limit ourselves to organic bread, though. Take a scroll through our menu and discover our pastries, cakes, cookies and other delicious baked goods.

Please also note that we are a CASHLESS business - debit or credit cards only.

Our retail bakery is open Thursday through Saturday, from 7:30 am to noon.