About Artisana

At Artisana Bread, we believe in doing things the old-fashioned way. We use quality ingredients, including organic flours milled from wheat grown in Texas, when possible. All of our bread flours are organic and unbleached. We form our breads and pastries by hand, nothing is mass-produced.

We believe in investing time in our products. A long, slow, cold fermentation process paired with wild yeast starters (sourdough) in a number of our breads, produce breads that are delicious and easier for some to digest.

We use only butter in our pastries, never margarine or oils. We do not believe in preservatives or chemicals to extend shelf life. We make everything from scratch, including pastry creams and fillings, and we never use base mixes for our breads and pastries. Our core belief; an investment in time, paired with quality ingredients, produces bread and pastries we are proud to make.

Please also note that we are a CASHLESS business - debit or credit cards only.