Saturday Oct 22

French baguettes, rolls and batards                                        

French Rosemary Thyme

Wild Rice, Onion and Sage

Scottish Oat and Whole Wheat

Sourdough - 70:30 white:whole wheat or 9 Grain

Flax Multigrain

Salted Milk Bread

 Croissants, Danishes, Scones, Palmiers, Cinnamon Rolls, Kolaches, Choc and Oatmeal Cake

Location & Hours

We offer hand-crafted, artisanal breads made daily with the very best ingredients. Artisana invests in the time it takes to  bring quality baked goods to your table

European-style Artisanal Breads Baked Daily in Houston

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Hours of Operation 
6:30 AM to 1:00 PM Tuesday-Saturday


965 Pinemont Dr, Suite 800, Houston TX 77019