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Artisana produces rustic, European-style artisanal breads, the result of years of practice and perfection.  We serve the discerning palates of individuals and restaurateurs alike.  If you have been searching for the depth of flavor and the unique textures of breads found in France and Italy, you have found them at Artisana.

"Lord" Kelvin calls the Miche de Kelvin "the antithesis of modern [bread]: coarse, gritty, crusty, medieval, basic, rustic, unpredictable, whole."

Shirley says, "If the kamut bread were a person, it would be my soul mate,"  and Shirley's best friend says it should be called "Kamut Sutra."  I think I've found my marketing team!

 6:30 am - 1 pm

Tuesday thru Saturday

965 Pinemont, Ste 800

Houston, TX  77018


Urban Harvest Farmers Market at Eastside

Located in the parking lot behind 3000 Richmond between Kirby and Buffalo Speedway. For a map to the market click here
Please see the calendar page for a list of breads available at the Eastside market on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm

For larger volumes, please contact Rosemarie at 

Updated 11/13/2015

Bakery Retail Update

9/4/2015 - Well, we finally made it to a soft opening.  We are going to open next Thursday, September 10 at 6:30 am and stay open until 1 pm.  We're going to give it an easy startup with croissants, a few danishes, scones, casatiello, brioche and other brioche-like breads, baguettes and 1 or 2 other breads, as well as cookies and lavash crackers.  As we get busier, we'll add more breads.  The espresso machine arrived yesterday and I've been drinking vast quantities, just for quality assurance!  I have 3 bakers now and am looking for 4th.  Hired a terrific young lady named Jessica to be our head barista.  I'm happy with the team we've got here.  Thanks so much for reading my nattering.  I hope you find yourself in the area and have the time to stop by and see the bakery.  I'm quite pleased with the way it's come together.

7/23/2015 - I have 1 wonderful assistant baker, Valerie, and have another, Geri, starting with us on August 3. We will spend the first 2-3 weeks learning all of my breads and working out the kinks, getting our schedules and quantities just right, and then, I hope, we will have a soft opening of the retail area toward the end of August.  There will be espresso drinks, croissants and other great pastries, as well as scones, freshly-baked focaccia, baguettes and BREAD!  Looking forward to starting this new phase and getting to know our neighbors here in Garden Oaks/Oak Forest!

Bakery Building Update

11/06/13 - Nothing to report. Drive by every couple of days to see if there's any activity.

11/21/13 - New start date....early 2014.  Still buying my equipment, so I'm okay with that.

1/8/14 - OOOOOHHHH, there is a new sign on the lot advertising the size spaces that will be available.  It's not much, but it's progress!

02/26/14 - Well, another "start within 60 days" promise.  Sigh...

05/01/14 - Sometimes in life, one must recognize that it's time to move, I met with my realtor and we've started looking for a different place.  Fingers crossed...

05/22/14 - Looked at a huge place on White Oak...too expensive to renovate.  Keep looking...

05/28/14 - May have found the spot!  More info soon...

06/12/14 - I found a place slightly outside of the Loop.  If I build it, will you come?  Planning on starting wholesale accounts and moving into retail within 6 months.  It's kind of a loooooong soft opening :)

06/20/14 - A good sign...meeting the architect to draw up plans next week.

07/01/14 - Architect is drawing up my plans.  Hoping to be in by December.  Fingers crossed...

08/22/14 - Drawings going to city today or Monday for permitting.  Yea!

09/04/14 - I got an actual key this week!  Mine, all mine!

09/17/14 - I will be taking some time off before the bakery opens.  I'll be out 9/20, 9/27 and 10/11.  

10/31/14 - New facade going up today!  Also, a nice mention in The Leader, a Greater Heights newspaper.  Thank you for that!

11/06/14 - Plumbing!  Plumbing is in the building!

11/24/14 - I can hardly believe it, but the architect notified me that we have all of our permits to start the rest of the build out!  

12/11/14 - I'm just going to say it...I have the best contractor EVER - Skyline Construction .  Once we had the permits, he got on it.  I've got plumbing, I've got wiring, I've got duct work, I've got panic attacks!  Just kidding, cannot wait to get started in my own space!

12/19/14 - New things I have...water, electricity (Monday), pallets of floor tiles, passed inspections.  A happy holiday, indeed!

01/02/2015 - I do have light fixtures, I do not have electricity.  This must be the part where I have to be patient...

01/14/2015 - Centerpoint has 3 days to install my electric meter and then we are a go for actual electricity! 

01/14/2015 - False alarm, people!  We are not a go for electricity!  CenterPoint now claims they need up to 4 weeks to upgrade the transformers.  They've known since November what the power requirements would be for the building, not just for me, but for all the tenants, and yet they wait until they come out to install the meter to tell us that they need to upgrade the transformers.  I'm not saying #ihatecenterpoint, but I am extremely disappointed in their service.  And just try to get a "Service Consultant" on the phone; they only respond to email because then, and only then, is there a paper trail.

02/06/2015 - Finally!  Transformers were upgraded this week and meter is going in today, allegedly.  I find it's really not a good idea to count those chickens before they hatch when you are building out a bakery.  Fingers crossed!

02/17/2015 - It's a good thing I'm not in the business of counting chickens...CenterPoint informed me that they had another 3-5 business days to install the meter, even though I had already been through that waiting period, along with the wait for the transformers.  I'm simply saying that I am not a CenterPoint fan at this point.  I've been at their mercy a little too much. Finally did get the meter installed, and I should be grateful, I suppose, that it only took them until the following Tuesday to install it. Anyway, I do have electricity, the cabinets and countertops are under construction, and the front area tile should be down this week. 

 -A lot has happened over the past 2 weeks.  The biggest news is that the triple deck oven is out of the retail area and into the kitchen.  Had to bump out a wall to do it, but it's there.  The retail area floor is so beautiful and the cabinets complement them well.  I can't wait to show them to all of you!

3/12/2015 - It's been an eventful week.  Today the deck ovens were fired up for the first time and I could barely contain myself!  I bought a 3-deck oven about 2 years ago and have had it in storage all of this time, so to see them finally brought (slowly) up to 500 degrees today was very exciting.  I also had to buy a water filtration system so the steam nozzles on my lovely ovens don't clog up with calcium deposits.  The spiral mixer was delivered today, also very exciting, along with an ice machine, an under-the-counter refrigerator for milk, etc., for the espresso machine (coming soon), a giant freezer and a tabletop mixer.  I cannot believe we are finally to this point.  There have been times I could have pulled my hair out, if it weren't already falling out from stress!  I look forward to inviting all of you to come by and see it someday soon!

3/27/2015 - I'll just start by noting one thing; opening a food establishment is extremely stressful.  Extremely!  It took 4 visits by the building inspector to pass the final inspection.  It seemed as though every time he came to the bakery there was another requirement that had to be met.  I was certain that on Wednesday, 3/25/14, I was going to pass.  One, it was his 3rd visit and third time's the charm, right?; two, it was my birthday (3/25); three, the inspector's identification number is 325, just like my birthday; four, we had complied with EVERYTHING.  But, sadly, no, it just wasn't meant to be.  On that very auspicious date we were told we needed a landing at the back door. Fortunately for me, as I mentioned a long, long, long time ago, I have an amazing general contractor, Masad Baba at Skyline Construction.  Yesterday morning at 8 am, his guys were there pouring the concrete and creating the afore-unmentioned landing at the back door.  The unauspicious (and, I might add, very unfriendly) building inspector waited most of the day to show up, but he finally did and signed off on the building.  That was it, folks, done and done.  I will be at the market tomorrow morning, I just really don't know what is coming out of the kitchen yet.  I hope to see you, and thanks for making this journey with me!

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